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To become a Member, you’ll purchase a membership with Empowered Partners Group, which is represented by an allotment of weeks per year. While a minimum number of weeks per year is required, you decide what type of membership you’d like to purchase. Each and every year of your Membership, you’ll receive an allotment of weeks to use however you’d like – enjoy one week at a Deluxe Studio or a longer stay in a more spacious Condo. The number of weeks you’ll use depends on how long you would like to travel!

Here’s how your membership works:
• You receive an annual allotment of weeks.
• These weeks can be used at Resorts and Condos – Over 500+ Over locations.
• Use your weeks however you’d like – with Deluxe Studios, One and Two-Bedroom Villas and Three Bedroom Grand Villas, you can choose accomodations that fit the scale of your vacation each time you decide to travel.
• As a Member, you can add on to your Membership at any time to fir your family’s changing vacation eneds.

Membership Example— 4 Weeks Per Year
Costs are based on a current promotion for a VIP Platinum Membership

One-Time Purchase Price: $8,995
Closing Costs: Approximately $300.00
2013 Annual Dues: $298.00 (Dues for future years will not vary